Specialist Engineer Required in UAE – Jobs in UAE – 02 June 2018

1 Jobs Location Dubai-UAE
2 Government/Private Private
3 UTS/PTS/FPSC/PPSC/Website/Others Others
4 Published Date 02 June 2018
5 Last Date to Apply 28 July 2018
6 Newspaper Name/Website Website


Specialist Engineer Required in UAE – Jobs in UAE – 02 June 2018


Applications are invited for a renowned company in UAE, a concerned candidate can apply through online website only. Details and link are shared at the bottom of this post. You can directly access by clicking on “Apply Here” button.
  • Job Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Job Role: Engineering
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Number of Vacancies:1
  • Agency: Traffic and Roads Agency
  • Department: Roads
  • Section: Planning&Design
  • Career Level: Mid Career/ Specialist
  • Years of Experience :Min: 6
  • Degree: Bachelor’s degree


  • Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering/Transportation Engineering from a recognized University

Job Description

  • Maintain the KPI for road pavement index > 90.
  • Manage the Pavement Management System (PMS) of Dubai Roads Network.
  • Supervise the implementation of Automated Pavement Evaluation at the network level.
  • Preparing and issuing the Roads Network Maintenance Budget Report.
  • Supervise the implementation of QC/QA plans of conducting Automated Pavement evaluation.
  • Update and upgrade the periodic KPIs of PMS.
  • Analyze the collected data related to pavement condition, rideability, skid resistance, FWD and generate required reports and recommendations.
  • Monitor and operate pavement management system to provide necessary network information to achieve Roads department’s objectives.
  • Implement programs to compile data of pavements condition and conduct necessary analysis of Dubai road network.
  • Conduct necessary studies to enhance road network performance and develop maintenance strategies for the emirate of Dubai.
  • Coordination with Roads Maintenance Section in order to put short-term and long-term plans of roads maintenance.
  • Review designs of road pavement layers of the new projects and rehabilitation projects and report findings to the management.
  • Develop technical standard and specifications of road pavements.
  • Conduct field visits on road pavement to observer infrequent pavement defects and problems in coordination with Roads Maintenance Section.
  • Ensure the integration of PMS with other RTA systems such as GIS and Maximo in coordination with ITD and
  • Evaluate residual life road pavement in Dubai and implement a strategy to reduce maintenance cost.
  • Perform other related duties and responsibilities associated with this position.
Specialist Engineer Required in UAE - Jobs in UAE - 02 June 2018
Specialist Engineer Required in UAE – Jobs in UAE – 02 June 2018


  • Highly analytical thinking with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes.
  • Computer-literate performer with extensive software proficiency covering a wide variety of applications.
  • Exceptional listener and communicator who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing.
  • Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues.
  • Flexible team player who thrives in environments requiring the ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects.
  • Proven ability to develop quality standards, testing procedures, inspection reporting formats, and ability to conceptualize tasks and accomplish them.
  • Good knowledge of statistical methods and their applications.
  • Innovative problem-solver who can generate workable solutions and resolve complaints.


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